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Lwandle Township Museum

Postal address:
PO.Box 356
Somerset West Lwandle 7143
Street address:
The Old Community Hall
Vulindlela Street

City: Lwandle
Province: Western Cape
Postal code: 7143
Country: South Africa

Phone: +27 (021) 845-6119

Contact: Lunga Smile
Position: Curator


The Lwandle Migrant Labour Museum is 40 kilometres (30 miles) outside Cape Town. It is a memorial to the system of migrant labour, single sex hostels and the control of black workers through the identity document which controlled the lives of black South Africans under apartheid— the infamous pass book.

The museum reminds residents and visitors of the horrific living conditions that the migrant labour system imposed. Lwandle was established in 1958 with hostel type accommodation for workers in the nearby fruit and canning industry. These hostels were only intended for single men. Hostels provided very basic accommodation with four to six men occupying a small confined space, with an entire block sharing rudimentary ablution facilities. In the 1980s, as the control of the flow of people from rural areas was eased, these hostels became even more overcrowded. Facilities were not provided to sustain the increased population.


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Category: Museum
Keywords: Culture; History; Labour
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