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Lydenburg Museum

Postal address:
PO Box 61 Lydenburg 1120

City: Lydenburg
Province: Mpumalanga
Postal code: 1120
Country: South Africa

Phone: 013 235 2213
Fax: 013 235 2213


The Lydenburg Museum, established in 1972, is a modern institution with a theme that focuses on the Cultural-historical, archaeological and ethnographic (Pedi) history of the area. The museum used to be based in the centre of the town but was moved to its current location at the Gustav Klingbiel Nature Reserve in 1990. The reserve is a haven for a variety of indigenous antelope, small mammals and birds of the typical grasslands habitat. The museum features some excellent exhibits of early human occupation of the area, the most notable being the Lydenburg Heads. Displays featuring early gold mining and military history along with many cultural exhibits are also accommodated at the Lydenburg museum. The museum is also involved in educational programmes for schools and offers various excursions in and around the town for learners on appointment. Lydenburg also features National Monuments including the original Voortrekker School, established in 1851, the Voortrekker Church, established in 1851, the Dutch Reformed Church, est. 1890, Burgher Monument unveiled 1918, Z.A.R.. Post Box erected 1895, Steenkamp Bridge est. 1897, The Powder Magazine, est. 1890 and the ox-wagon trek monument erected 1938. Numerous places and buildings of significant historical value still exist in Lydenburg, among others the old Magistrates building, Attorneys offices in Kantoor Street, First National Bank, Hiemstra residence, Loreto Convent, old Municipal offices to name a few.


Category: Museum
Keywords: Culture; History
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